Dating Violence

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From teenagers to the elderly, in a new or longstanding relationship, straight or LGBTQ, people can experience domestic/dating violence.our services work to meet the safety, emotional, social, legal, and physical needs of the victims.

Abusive relationships can start just like healthy ones-full of love, excitement and romance. As time goes on, what once felt loving or flattering starts to feel controlling and even frightening.

Signs of abusive behavior and dating violence are:
• Excessive Jealousy
• Threats and Accusations
• Name calling and Humiliation
• Possessiveness
• Violence-Hitting, Forced Sex, Intimidation, Shouting

If you are in an abusive relationship or a victim of dating violence:

  • call our Hotline at 516-542-0404 
    Our experienced counselors respond 24 hours a day to the needs of victims. They will help you get through a crisis and connect you with the services you need. Information is confidential.
  • As soon as possible develop a safety plan.
    Read more about how to develop a safety plan.

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