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Client Story: The Impact of Pro Bono Representation

Urgent: Call to Action

The Safe Center LI is the only private not-for-profit service agency providing Nassau County victims of sexual assault, domestic or dating abuse, stalking, and/or elder abuse with legal consultations, representation, and advocacy through its Legal Services Center.

The Pro Bono Project outreaches to attorneys to provide pro bono representation, to our un-served clients and the Project is tasked with recruiting volunteer attorneys looking for a pro bono opportunity to assist victims of sexual assault, domestic or dating abuse, stalking, and/or/elder abuse.

The Safe Center LI Pro Bono Project seeks to recruit pro bono attorneys and provide the trainings and resources necessary for them to successfully represent victims of domestic violence in civil legal matters.

The trainings emphasize the effect of domestic violence and the impact of domestic violence on matrimonial proceedings and other civil legal proceedings. In addition to the trainings, we established a Mentor/Mentee program, paring inexperienced attorneys with experienced matrimonial attorneys.  Private attorneys are utilized only on a pro bono basis for direct representation, appeals, and mentoring.  Volunteers will exercise primary responsibility for all aspects of their pro bono case, including all client interviews, court appearances, and settlement negotiations.

Why should you volunteer?

Why should Long Island law firms and companies encourage their in-house counsel to volunteer for the Pro Bono Project?

Experience: By experiencing a different area of law than they normally practice, your in-house lawyers stretch beyond their comfort zones, making them more confident, well-rounded attorneys.

Relevant Skills: At the same time, your attorneys will learn valuable, transferable skills that are directly applicable to their practice areas:
Research; interpretation of statues and text, designing and drafting legal documents, writing with clarity and precision, problem analysis, investigation, interviewing, planning recognizing, and handling professional and ethical issues, client relations, client counseling, case management, time management; diagnosing client problems; general advocacy; negotiation, and trial advocacy.

Recruiting: Law firms are engaged in the competitive recruitment of attorneys graduating law school, and the hiring of same. In accordance with the emphasis law schools place on pro bono and public service legal work, many attorneys view the opportunity to participate in meaningful pro bono work as a powerful motivating factor in the determination of employment.

Training and Mentoring: Attorneys get the benefit of mentoring from an experienced attorney, comprehensive substantive training, and skills-training in such areas as negotiation, argument, and drafting, which are valuable to any legal practice.

Free CLE: Rather than scrambling to meet CLE requirements, possibly jeopardizing their registration status, your attorneys can use their trainings and pro bono hours for free CLE credits.

Recognition: We proudly recognize our volunteers in a myriad of ways, including in our newsletter, press releases, web site, awards dinner, and other events. We can work with your company to come up with great ways to recognize your contributions.

Supporting a critical cause: Most company strive to be socially responsible. The legal services we provide to victims of domestic violence make a critical difference in the lives of our clients. Sometimes they can even save lives. This pro bono opportunity is a great way to make a significant difference.

Lawyers will be better lawyers for having participated in the Pro Bono Project.


The Pro Bono Project has developed an innovative and comprehensive training program for lawyers new to divorce litigation.  Our step-by-step manual and resource book details the basic “how to’s” of litigating a contested New York divorce.

Your lawyers will be better lawyers for having participated in the Pro Bono Project, developing competencies and experience with clients.

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